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Monday, August 5, 2013

Oprah & Deepak 21 Day Meditation Challenge Reflections: Day 1 - Miraculous Journey

Today's Centering Thought: Today I am open to the presence of miracles

Question 1: What miracles have you already experienced in your life?
It has been a miracle to be who I am without any apologies. I have a loving family that supports me, great friends, and meaningful work. I couldn't have imagined at 22, when I started transitioning, that my life would eventually feel so normal.
I was so afraid of living a life that went against the grain. Afraid that my life's potential would be diminished just because I needed to live a personal truth that many people would find immoral, bizarre, trashy, and possibly even arduous.
I have been so lucky to be able to visualize something and have it come to fruition when people around me are perplexed and doubtful. I guess the biggest miracle I experienced was being born with a resilient spirit, and being shown how to make the best of everything.
Question 2: Make a list of the thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself and the world around you that might be inhibiting your ability to see miracles in each day?
I believe that some people don't want to see me succeed because they are aware of my abilities.
I believe that some people think I won't succeed because they doubt my abilities.
I fear that I will never experience the open mind, heart, and loyalty that I have for my family and friends in an intimate relationship. I keep trying to accept that I will never have that relationship, but my spirit disavows that thought at a gut level. I fight this battle with myself.
I feel like I've made so many job changes that no one will hire me into a position that will sustain me financially and use my best assets and skills.
Question 3: What steps can you take to open yourself to the experience of miracles? Be very specific. I will know my worth, at work and at home.
I will stop living life with a disclaimer.
I will step up when I can do something and be noticed.
I will trust that what love I put out there will come for me in due time.
I will ask people how they think I block my blessings.
Journal: Please use this section to reflect on today's session
I recently have been trying to remember that giving is not the same as taking. Giving and receiving are simultaneous. It is the law of circulation. I want to open up myself to receiving in the knowledge that miracles can happen again, just as they have happened before.
I learned today that I have spent too much time focusing on what I don't have: money, a relationship, more fulfilling work. At the same time I feel like I also don't want to survive on crumbs, emotionally, financially, or professionally. It is a battle that is zapping my energy
I forget the miracles I have seen in my life and in other people's lives. I forget how many times things have come together mysteriously, and changed my life for the better.