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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The band aid is gone...

After what felt like the ultimate heartbreak last year, I can face the uncertainty of love and romance without fear. No crying over missed phone calls, no compromising my needs and boundaries to become what someone else needs. I can peacefully play the game many have played before me and will play after me.

The wound I thought had destroyed me has opened me up. I can wait with baited breath, for the right one to come along, or for him to realize he has found me.

I finally know what I have to offer, and what I need in return, at least for now. But most of all I know how to listen, not to the cacophony of other wounded love warriors, but to the voice inside me, which resonates on one tone, that has gained its brilliance by absorbing energy from the light.

What I am seeking is seeking me...I must be patient and pay attention.

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