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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Internal conflict

I'm feeling awkward today about my revelation yesterday. Part of me wants to remove the clip from the site, yet the other part of me wants to commit.

Then I started thinking, maybe I should edit what I wrote. Can I call it my soul's purpose if the vocal isn't absolutely perfect? The thin resonance, tentative delivery, and lack of breath support have me itching to take it down.

I should have chosen the name TimidChanteuse instead of TimidIvoryTickler.

I do hold dear the belief that you must be willing to make fashion mistakes to develop your personal style. I'm trying to extend that philosophy to this endeavor. I'm exposing my voice in it's most vulnerable beginnings in hopes that I will eventually mold it into something better.

It is still out of my comfort zone, but I am hopeful.

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