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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Two Great Singers I Had Never Heard Of

I don't want to write a lot today, seeing as how I'll probably have plenty to write over the weekend. Stressful events over the past few days have opened up a need for some spiritual healing and deep thinking this weekend about what really matters to me. Well, I guess I already know what's important to me so I need to refocus on those things and move beyond the setbacks.

I also don't want to write anything serious, so I'm posting music clips from youtube.

The first is of Marsha Ambrosius, a British neo-soul singer. I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAD NEVER HEARD OF HER !! I was so impressed during her performance on the BET Awards a couple of weeks ago. I've been trying to find a good clip to put on here, and the one I like the most is or the rehearsal for the BET Awards, where she did a fabulous job. Unfortunately all of the clips that were on youtube of the actual performance were removed for copyright reasons.

The next singer I'd never heard of but fell in love with is Sophie Milman, a jazz singer. My friend Aaron posted this clip on my facebook page and I was immediately mesmerized. I then went on an iTunes shopping spree (maybe a mini spree, as I have done way more damage before.)

I also love this song, "Eli Eli"


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