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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Grace Under Pressure...things I learned from Youtube and Food Poisoning

I had been meaning to blog about this video, it has profoundly affected me ever since I watched it.

It seems like awkward chemistry in the interview, but I found this video after seeing clips of Caroline Myss talking with Oprah.  There is so much in this video that is useful, but in her critique of a lot of New Age thinking she bashes the overuse (or perhaps inappropriate use) of the word energy. I must say I've been guilty of it, but I'm really only using language filtered down to me. She suggested that we instead use the word grace, noting that a nap cannot replenish energy, but prayer does.  That concept was instantly etched in my mind.

I had the chance to see this first hand with my recent bout with food poisoning.  After 12 hours, I was dehydrated, tired, and bedraggled.  I still thought to myself, this is the opportunity to put this idea into practice. I sat down for some brief chanting and meditation.  Did I instantly have energy? Nope. Did my illness go away? Nope. Did I find peace in a distressing moment? Absolutely.

I also felt wiser for the experience. I began to think about how time can ravage a body, how illness can ravage a body, or even how we can be distracted by the day to day realities of our body and the physical world, but all the while, grace is still there.  The higher self is still there to help you find peace. 

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