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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Settling in

I'm settling in to my new place on the opposite side of town. Went from living with my mother and sister to having two roommates. I'm getting excited about the number of international eateries and grocers on this side of town, but I have to get used to the drive.

Voice lesson tomorrow. It will be my fourth so far and the first hour long lesson. I'm having to leave my comfort zone, and remember a lot of stuff at one time. It reminds me of when I learned how to drive. I was so overwhelmed by having to look at the speedometer, the side and rear view mirrors, not to mention looking ahead, but eventually it became second nature.

This weeks fixation is Donna Summer, who I can't believe is about to turn 63. She looks and sounds great. This clip is from October 2010 at David Foster's televised "Hit Man Returns" concert.

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